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My Party

THIS.  This is every single D&D campaigne I've ever been in. EVER.

Scotch Shower

This morning began with insanity, and four hours of sleep. I took a Scottish shower for the first time..  I will take one of these every morning until my dying breath.
Also fresh fruit and hamburgers for breaktfast....but mainly the shower.

Where have all the aliens gone?

I think the greatest crime against the 90s by the 2000s is forgetting how frigging awesome the X-files were.  That whole era was so conspiracy and otherworldly crazed, and I don't think it was all due to the X-Files. So what happened? Did we just lose interest, or did our fears and facination change?  Food for thought

Oh,  weekly pony.


Renter's Tips

Just a little tip. If you ever decide to rent a house, making sure the house's F**KING PHONE LINES ARE WORKING, is pretty important. I'll continue to be an almost non-entity on the net until further notice.

A Confederacy of Dunces

I've had articles on the internet lavishing praise on the humor of the book A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.  So I picked it up yesterday from work. I am a third way into the book, and it is BAD.  The writing style seems fine enough (until it is given to the protagonist) but the story itself seems  weak.  The humor is just...stupid. The prose seems so damn cumbersome and slow at times.  I keep wanting to yell at him to get to the damn point.  Most of you on my list are heavy readers, so I was wondering if anyone else has read this book?  I have a somewhat warped sense of humor, but I kept hearing nothing but praise for this book.

Long school experience has taught me to avoid what people call classics like the plague.  Most of what they presented to me as classics were horrible. The Scarlet Letter, Romeo and Juliet, and The Stranger.  They were mind bending-bad.   But I've come to accept some classics and enjoy them like "The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings", "Fahrenheit 451", and "Heart of Darkness".  Am I just spoiled on fantasy novels?  They are the bulk of my collection.  I see how attention spans get shorter and shorter throughout our culture, is it seeping into my reading?  Is the ADD so strong that my mind demands things go along at a healthy clip, or for the humor to be a little less weak?  My choice at the time was between American Psycho and A Confederacy of Dunces.  I wanted comedy, but I'm beginning to wish I had taken American Psycho instead.

Comforting the Children

Ok Japan,  your well on your way to recovery. Roads are being cleared, power being restored, and your working around to clock to comfort your people.  Your Fukashima reactor isn't under control yet, but your doing a great job. Your getting there.  

I know your stressed, but a lot of your young children are a little freaked by whats going on at the Fukashima plant. The evening news has a lot of scary commentators, and large words. What you need is something that calmly explains to them what is happening and that they-....oh uh. Oh what......what is this?

Oh....well..yeah ok. I guess...thats one way of putting it. Ok. I'll trust your judgement on this one.


Dachshunds, wiener dogs, long dogs, badger hounds...... I hate them.  I hate them with a passion.  After two and a half years working with various breeds in a veterinary hospital. I can say without a doubt, that the dachshund is the most obnoxious dog breed.

I hate dachshunds........just thought you should all know that about me.

House is Lost

I've just received official word that the house I live in will be foreclosed. I will not ask for prayers for last minute appeals to be answered,( I won't stop you), but I will ask for prayers regarding the dogs. My mother is looking for house's to rent and as much as I would love autotonomy, I believe the wisest course would be further financial stability. The primary goal to pay off my car in full.  (begin to make some small investments, possibly a higher income)  Don't you think? (feel free to argue with me) 

I maybe able to exert more authority in the new home if its in order to keep from damaging a house that is now ours.  For instance, getting my lazy brother up to do things would be easier, as a new router would allow me to shut off the internet to just his machine, the location of the fuse box and pad lock could also ensure power loss to his room if duties are not performed and rent paid.

Now that my credit card is paid off, I can have a bit more income to spend on things such as rent.  HOWEVER,  a house that would allow the dogs is desirous.  Though we may have to give up my grandmother's dachshund, this is not a huge deal to me, as it is the most neurotic dog I've ever met.

Don't worry about me. Feeling strangely optimistic, my status says so! Putting strategies into action! 


Painful:  Finding out that you have been doing your weight lifting regime wrong for the last four or five years.

Very Painful:  Finding out that you've only really been doing 1/3rd of it.

Extremely Painful:  Actually doing it.

I thought I was doing so well. Tonight has shown me how weak I really am.  I'm shaking right now, and I didn't do the extra exercises (for what she calls the 'Ironman' and 'Superman' work outs), because I thought I would end up hurting myself. Feeling your muscles swell after a workout is a odd feeling, feeling them gorge on blood *during* the workout is bizarre. So yeah, I've obviously been doing it wrong.  

And I get to do it all again tomorrow....

EDIT:  Ok, got a little sick just now. Body was just pushed to its limits.  Before any of you say anything, I know full well to be careful and not injure myself. I stretch and warm up the muscles I'm working on beforehand, and I try to keep good form as I do this.  I just may not be doing those extra exercises for a while.