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frost_wraith's Journal

Frost Wraith
23 October 1983
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Age is 23, male, currently not enrolled in college but tackling a carrier in writing. Its much like tackling an iron lamp post without wearing the padding. I am a furry, I do like the community but am very cynical about it at the same time. I am a Christian, who has some work to go as far as spiritual growth and transforming into the person my Father wants me to be. I've been blessed with (among salvation) kind friends, and good imagination. I share more than a few behaviors and traits of certain two animals, love the thought of being an animal or fur (just for a little while), and am pretty good around critters. (this is my definition of therianthropy, though many will disagree) I can be a bit moody and cynical at times, and oh yes. I do not like people. (Just the general population, there are many individuals I love)